TERENO is managed by the TERENO coordination board (CB), a group of four coordinators from the research centres FZJ, UFZ, GFZ and KIT. The CB is responsible for the day-to-day management of TERENO. Working with the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC), the Advisory Board and the Coordination Teams, the CB coordinates TERENO activities, such as facilitating integration and synthesis exercises, including workshops, meetings and conferences, as well as supervising capacity building, knowledge transfer and external communication in conjunction with the SSC.


The Scientific Steering Committee consists of representatives from the involved research centres. Its main task is to decide the basic configuration of the observatories, including the selection of instruments, networking with external partners, and the integration of the infrastructure in national and international programs as well as the strategic planning of future activities within the TERENO framework.

The Advisory Board provides expert counsel to the TERENO Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) concerning ongoing and future activities as well as the formulation of scientific and infrastructural strategies within TERENO. These recommendations are grounded in annual reports provided by the TERENO SSC and deliberations during annual meetings, at which the TERENO SSC presents the current status of developments within TERENO and provides an overview of ongoing and future projects and activities.


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