Global change has triggered a number of environmental changes, such as alterations in climate, land productivity, water resources, atmospheric chemistry, and ecological systems. Finding solutions to the impact of global change is one of the most important challenges of the 21st century.

TERENO is embarking on new paths with an interdisciplinary and long-term research programme involving six Helmholtz Association Centers. TERENO spans an Earth observation network across Germany that extends from the North German lowlands to the Bavarian Alps. This unique large-scale project aims to catalogue the longterm ecological, social and economic impact of global change at regional level. Scientists and researchers want to use their findings to show how humankind can best respond to these changes.




Terrestrial Environmental Observatories









Northeast German Lowland Observatory

Coordination: GFZ



Harz / Central German Lowland Observatory

Coordination: UFZ



Eifel / Lower Rhine Valley Observatory

Coordination: FZJ



Pre-Alpine Observatory

Coordination: KIT

Northeast Central Lowerrhine Pre-alpine