Agenda by Kaiser.pdf

Meeting welcome by Bens.pdf

GHG exchange grassland ecosystems by Kiese.pdf

Hydrology of a groundwater-dominated lake system by Blume.pdf

Interdisciplinary research in the Schäfertal catchment by Wollschlaeger.pdf

Long-term experiment Wuestebach by Bol.pdf

Modelling tree sap flow by Priesack.pdf

SoilCan by Puetz.pdf

TERENO data management by Kunkel.pdf

TERENO overview by Vereecken.pdf

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TERENO Data management

TERENO Presentation Vereecken

Validation of distributed soil moisture by Jagdhuber


Tree growth dynamics in relation to changing climate and hydrology... by Heinrich et al.

Coupled runoff model of the Ammer catchment by Smiatek

Analysis of runoff components and residence times by Stockinger

TERENO Pesticide Initiative by M. Bekethov et al.


Cosmic Ray Sensor by Roland Baatz

Isotope Patterns for Catchment Study by Christine Müller
Müller, C., R. Merz, R. Krieg, and K. Knöller. Assessment of Large Scale Hydrological and Hydrochemical Processes by Means of Regional Isotope Patterns in the TERENO Bode Catchment

DEMMIN in TERENO NE: The year 2012… by Blasch et al.

Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM)… by Wei Liang et al.

Dynamic growth responses of oak and beech… by Pohlmann et al.



TERENO AB Meeting 2011 Agenda.doc



Talk H. Vereecken

Talk D. Borchardt

Talk I. Kühn

Talk K. Rinke

Talk A. Brauer

Talk M. Masbou

Talk M. Dannenmann

Talk U. Wollschläger

Talk R. Kunkel

Talk A. Reigber



Talk H. Vereecken



Heye Bogena Eifel Lower Rhine Valley Observatory

Steffen Zacharias Harz Central German Lowland Observatory

HaPe Schmid Bavarian Prealpin Observatory

Achim Brauer Northeastern Lowland Observatory

Andreas Reigber Environmental Sensing Status

Heye Bogena Data Management




Stefan Klotz Climate-change

Heye Bogena NOHA

Harry Vereecken TERENO

Cornelia Ohl TERENO-Socio

HaPe Schmid Atmosphere - Land Surface Interactions

Eckart Priesack: Climate change and sustainable use of soils

Irena Hajnsek Remote sensing