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  • Flood Event July 2021 Rur catchment
    July 2021

    Flood Event July 2021 Rur catchment

    During 14 and 15 July 2021, extreme floods hit parts of western Germany, eastern Belgium, and parts of Luxembourg and the Netherlands. As the TERENO Eifel/Lower Rhine Valley observatory is located in the area affected by the flood event, the TERENO Data Discovery Portal contains compiled information from a time window around the July 2021 flood events from a multitude of measurement systems of the TERENO network.

    Find out more on the TERENO Data Discovery Portal

Welcome to TERENO

Introducing the TERENO Network...

Global change has triggered a number of environmental changes, such as alterations in climate, land productivity, water resources, atmospheric chemistry, and ecological systems. Finding solutions to the impact of global change is one of the most important challenges of the 21st century. TERENO is embarking on new paths with an interdisciplinary and long-term research programme involving six Helmholtz Association Centers.


TERENO Partners

  • Helmholtz Spitzenforschung
  • GFZ
  • FZ Jülich
  • DLR
  • KIT
  • UFZ

TERENO Data Portal



Welcome to the TERENO Data Discovery Portal. With this portal you can find data, which is observed by TERENO observatories but also data from third parties.


TERENO Observatories


TERENO spans an Earth observation network across Germany that extends from the North German lowlands to the Bavarian Alps.


TERENO Publications

Here you can find TERENO-related publications` references dating back up to the year 2006. If availabe we provide you with the linked sources for more detailed information on the papers or a download link.




Flood Event July 2021 Rur catchment

flood.nrwThe TERENO Eifel/Lower Rhine Valley observatory is located in the area affected by the flood event on 14/15th July 2021. Find compiled information from a multitude of measurement systems of the TERENO network here.



TERENO Newsletter

newsletter covers montageOur TERENO Newsletters reaching from the latest issue today back to 2008, featuring the latest TERENO activities at the respective time, introducing our test sites and the involved scientists of the various TERENO partners.



Fewer ions, more dominant sodium and chlorite

testSince 2020, Dr. Eliza Płaczkowska has been conducting research for her SOLUTION project at the TERENO site Wüstebach. The visiting scientist from Poland is working with Prof. Michael Leuchner at RWTH Aachen University. The project, funded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA), focuses on investigating the effects of forests and precipitation partitioning on denudation – various processes that erode Earth’s surface. In an interview, the hydrologist tells about the project’s objectives and some surprising findings she has come across.

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2nd TERENO-OZCAR Conference

doppellogo tereno ozcar

2nd TERENO-OZCAR Conference 25.09. to 28.09.2023 in Bonn


After the first French OZCAR and German TERENO research networks Joint Conference 2021 in Strasbourg this co-organised international meeting 2023 will take place in Bonn, Germany.



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The Alento Hydrological Observatory



A unique hotspot in a Mediterranean ecosystem: The Alento River Catchment Hydrological Observatory. Find out how TERENO is involved on the EGU blogs ...


EGU honors Harry Vereecken

ufz blimpProfessor Harry Vereecken, director at the Institute of Agrosphere at Forschungszentrum Jülich, received the Alfred Wegener Medal, one of the highest honors awarded by the European Geosciences Union (EGU). At the same time, the organisation appointed him an honorary member. With the medal, the EGU recognizes Vereecken’s groundbreaking contributions to soil-plant-atmosphere processes with a focus on hydrological and biochemical cycles.





12th TERENO Workshop 2022: from observations to modelling

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'Thank you' to all who participated in our workshop!

Read the field report here.

You can also find the program here (pdf).



Wetterradar Sophienhöhe

For various reasons the radar rainfall measurement is of particular high importance: firstly, the need for comprehensive measurements in the face of recurring partly remarkable rainfall in the region and the intensive use of large hydroelectric power. Secondly, the point measurements of the often few ground precipitation collectors allow estimates of the areal precipitation with limited reliability. Especially in high altitudes ground measurements are affected by wind errors. Finally large amounts of precipitation imlicate risks such as floodings, which need to be predicted in advance. Reliable, early forecast of heavy rainfall is of crucial importance for the mitigation of flooding.